Digital Toilet Monitoring
Saniori enables you a permanent overview and immediate feedback on the status and needs of all your sanitary facilities.

Saniori replaces that embarassing piece of paper on the wall by a digital solution.

Why Saniori

  • No one pays attention to the toilet until there is something wrong with it
  • 73% of people believe a bad restroom indicates poor management
  • Customers expect cleanliness and care from all areas of a business
  • Overview on the status of sanitary facilities
  • Problem localisation and dispatching for quick repair
  • Identification and time tracking for cleaning personnel
  • Consumer ratings and feedback
  • Company information and commercials

Our customers

Being one of the biggest airports of Europe, Brussels National Airport serves over 30.000 visitors each day.

In order to provide this audience with clean toilets, Brussels National airport uses the Saniori system for their 40 toilet units, totalling to over 600 toilet seats.

Saniori provides real-time information about the status of the sanitary facilities at the airport.

Discover how Brussels Airport improved their customer satisfaction with 15% using Saniori in this infographic.

2theloo is an innovative service retail concept from the Netherlands which offers always clean restrooms and a unique toilet design.

2theloo equipped 24 Total gas stations next to Belgian highways with luxury toilets and is supported by Saniori's Toilet Monitor to gauge customer satisfaction.

Thanks to Saniori, 2theloo is able to measure in real-time the customer satisfaction and detect areas that require improvement.

You can find more information here (Dutch newspaper).

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